Meditation Retreats

Foundation, advanced & loving-kindness

Anthony offers three practical retreats with meditation instruction, support teachings, and specific outcomes.

  1. Vipassana foundation is a detailed introduction to the path of satipatthana that is transforming for all meditators.
  2. Vipassana advanced builds on the foundation by providing the guidance to break-through limiting mind patterns.
  3. Loving-kindness retreat is an instruction in metta that heals the heart and opens a door to genuine happiness now.

The 7-day vipassana foundation retreat

  • Learn to meditate skilfully with clear practical instructions and essential techniques.
  • Activate and maintain awareness and wisdom in the present moment with right attitude
  • Create space and let go of feelings, moods and thoughts by not taking them personally.
  • Develop insights into the reality of mind and body, and the mechanism cause and effect.

The 21-day vipassana advanced retreat

  • Practice equanimity and non-reaction through patience, acceptance and contentment.
  • Experience directly the impermanent, changing, conditioned and selfless nature of reality.
  • Abandon attachment to habitual thought patterns that cause unpleasant emotional states.
  • Create spaciousness and openness to realise a liberating freedom from identity delusion.

The 7-day loving-kindness retreat

  • Cultivate loving-kindness through inspiring teachings, guided meditations and tranquil yoga.
  • Transform and heal with self-love, friendliness, empathy, forgiveness, gratitude and patience.
  • Experience an expanded and liberated heart filled with infinite love, light, joy and bliss.
  • Establish a spiritual way of life with tangible benefits for yourself and relations with others.

Vipassana Retreats

Awareness Vipassana is the methodical practice of contemplating the four foundations of mindfulness (satipatthana): body (sensations), feeling (pleasant or unpleasant), mind states (emotions), mind objects (thought phenomena).  A retreat with Anthony offers the supporting conditions, intensive structure and personal guidance for meditators to directly and intuitively experience insight into the conditioned nature of the mind-and-body – VIPASSANA. … Continue reading Vipassana Retreats

Loving-kindness Retreat

Metta meditation is the cultivation and radiation of intentional friendliness and goodwill. A retreat with Anthony teaches loving-kindness through guided meditations and inspiring instructions. It focuses on healing ourselves and relationships, and developing blissful concentration. The path of loving-kindness brings spiritual renewal by delivering the real, tangible and immediate benefit of genuine happiness – LOVE NOW. … Continue reading Loving-kindness Retreat